Constant Attendance Benefit


Constant Attendance Benefit is payable to a person who is either an Invalidity or a Disablement Pensioner. The Benefit was introduced to offset charges, which would be incurred as a result of dependency upon someone else for Custodial Care, in carrying out the activities of daily living.

Qualifying Conditions

The Qualifying Condition for the Benefit is that, it shall only be payable to the Pensioner who is dependent on Custodial Care for carrying out the activities of daily living.

Rate of Benefit

The Daily Rate of the Benefit is fixed at two hundred dollars.


Constant Attendance Benefit shall be paid for such period as the General Manager may determine, taking into consideration the particular circumstances of the Case, but not exceeding a period of twenty-six (26) weeks; provided that Sunday or such other day in the week as may be determined by the General Manager in any particular Case or Class of Case, shall not be disregarded in computing any period of consecutive days.

Method of Payment

A Benefit Payment Voucher is issued to the Recipient of this Benefit, and this can be encashed at the National Insurance Scheme Offices, Post Offices and Commercial Banks.

Manner of Claiming

To claim for this Benefit, the Pensioner must fill out Form CAB1 - Constant Attendance Benefit and submit same to the nearest National Insurance Office, supported by a Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner, or by such other evidence as the General Manager may require for the purpose of establishing the Insured Invalidity or Disablement Pensioner’s incapacity for work.

Download: Form CAB1 - Constant Attendance Benefit