Injury Benefit


Injury Benefit falls under the Industrial Benefit Branch. This benefit is payable to an Insured Person who becomes incapable of work as a result of an Injury or Prescribed Disease, arising during the course of or directly resulting from employment

Qualifying Conditions

There are no Contribution Conditions for the receipt of Injury Benefit. However, the Insured Person must be employed. Self-employed Persons are not covered for Benefits under the Industrial branch

Rate of Benefit

The Daily Rate of Injury Benefit is 70% of the Average Weekly Insurable Earnings, divided by six (6).

  • Calculation of Rate of Benefit:

    For Weekly Paid Insured Persons -

    i) Sum the Weekly Insurable Earnings in the last weeks (maximum of 8) worked before the week of the Accident.

    ii) Divide item (i) by the number of weeks = Average Weekly Insurable Earnings.

    iii) Weekly Rate = item (ii)x 70%

    iv) Daily Rate = item (iii)÷ 6

    For Monthly Paid Insured Persons -

    i) Sum the Monthly Insurable Earnings in the last 2 months worked before the month of the Accident.

    ii) Divide item (i) by the number of months = Average Monthly Insurable Earnings.

    iii) Item (ii) x 70% = Monthly Rate.

    iv) Item (iii) ÷ \26 = Daily Rate.

If the Insured Person suffers an Accident during the first week/ month on the job, then the Weekly/Monthly Earnings that would have been paid (subject to the Insurable Earnings Ceiling) would be used when calculating the Rate of Benefit.

Duration of Benefit

Injury Benefit is paid for each day (excluding Sunday) as long as incapacity for work continues, subject to a maximum period of twenty-six (26) weeks in any continuous period of incapacity.

Where there are two or more periods of incapacity for work arising out of the Injury/Prescribed Disease, which are not separated by more than eight (8) weeks, the periods are treated as one continuous period of incapacity starting from the fist day of the first period.

Injury Benefit is not paid for the first three (3) days of incapacity, unless the period of incapacity exceeds three (3) days.

Method of Payment

Payment is made using Benefit Payment Vouchers, which can be encashed at the National Insurance Offices, Post Offices or some Commercial Banks.

Manner of Claiming

The Employer is required to complete the Form IB1 - Notice of Accident, and give it to the Employee for submission, along with a Medical Certificate, to the nearest National Insurance Office

Download: Form IB1 - Notice of Accident