Injury Benefit Medical Care


Injury Benefit Medical Care involves the limited reimbursement of Medical Expenses incurred by an Insured Person, who is rendered temporarily incapable of work as a result of an Industrial Accident or Occupational Diseases.

This Benefit is available for treatments received both Locally and Overseas.

Qualifying Conditions

  • The Qualifying Conditions for the receipt of Injury Benefit Medical Care are the same as those for the receipt of Injury Benefit.
  • The Benefit is available to all Insured Persons, with no age restriction, so even if you are under sixteen (16) years or over sixty- (60) years of age, once you are employed, you are covered for Industrial Injury Med-Care.

Rate of Benefit

  • Reimbursement of Medical Expenses is subject to specific rates for the various aspects of Medical Care.

Duration of Benefit

An Insured Person is entitled to the reimbursement of Medical Care Expenses from the date on which he is rendered incapable of work, for as long as need for such care continues.

Method of Payment

Benefit Payment Vouchers are issued to Recipients of this Benefit, and this can be encashed at the National Insurance Office, Post Offices and Commercial Banks.

Manner of Claiming

To claim for Injury Benefit Medical Care, the Insured Person must first fill out Form MED. 11 in support of reimbursement of fees for Medical Referee and Cost of Treatment, and have his Employer complete the Form IB1in support of Injury Medical Care. These, together with all Receipts and a Medical Certificate, must be taken to the nearest National Insurance Office.

The Insured Person can also fill out Form MED. 12 to claim for reimbursement of Travelling Expenses and Subsistence.

Download: Form MED11 - Claim for Fees for Fees for Medical Injury